June 5, 2020

Reopening Tips for Business Owners

The governors of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware have all announced separate plans for reopening and recovery in their states. For the first time in months, businesses will open their doors to customers in the wake of the coronavirus. While this opportunity for recovery is a great advancement for many small business owners, there are many things they should take into consideration as we embrace “the new normal.”

1.) Are you aware of your building’s maximum occupancy?

While social distancing measures means fewer people in a building, whether or not the practice is in place is up to the customers. With businesses opening for the first time in months, many business owners predict an influx of patrons at their establishments. This is no doubt great for business, but owners should still comply with the maximum occupancy set by their local fire marshal. These numbers may seem random, but there is a specific science to determining them, and they are there for safety purposes.  Not complying with these measures could lead to a fine or, in the event of a fire, a lawsuit.

2.) Has your fire sprinkler system been inspected?

Fire safety may not have been on every business owner’s mind these past few months, but it is no less important. With patrons filling businesses, the odds for a catastrophic fire increase. Now is the time to call your local fire sprinkler contractor to ensure that your sprinkler system is in working order and that you and your patrons are protected.

3.) Have you looked into tax resources for your business?

No one has been hit harder in this pandemic than small business owners, but there are resources available that can help you recover. The National Fire Sprinkler Association has been hard at work on Capitol Hill throughout this pandemic to advocate for tax reform for small business owners. Their efforts have enabled business owners to seek cost recovery for their fire sprinkler systems through tax write-offs. For more information on these write offs, visit the NFSA’s site.

NFSA Contractors are Available for all your Fire Sprinkler Inspection Needs

These are unprecedented times, and while we all look forward to recovery we cannot forget fire safety. NFSA contractors are your resource for fire sprinkler inspection, testing and maintenance. Fire sprinkler systems are built to be reliable and effective, but their reliability and effectiveness can be compromised if a building owner neglects regular, scheduled maintenance. Contact one of our contractors online or call us at 866-226-6006 to schedule your services and protect your business.



June 5, 2020

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