Fire sprinkler systems offer unparalleled protection. These systems react quickly and effectively in the event of a fire, either extinguishing the fire or containing it so first responders and occupants are kept safe. For over a hundred years, fire sprinkler systems have saved countless civilian and first responder lives. It’s no wonder that property owners who have installed fire sprinklers can rest assured knowing their investment is protected. However, like any other system, fire sprinklers require regular upkeep to ensure that they are operating as efficiently as possible.

Fire sprinkler systems are built to be as reliable and efficient as possible, but they still must undergo routine inspection, testing and maintenance (ITM). NFPA 25 mandates ITM in all types of sprinkler systems, including commercial and residential. In most cases, the contractors who install sprinkler systems will offer ITM services as well.

Maintained Fire Sprinklers Save Lives and Property

When it comes to most maintenance issues, a property owner can usually tell when something is wrong. A blackout could mean bad electrical work. Irregular temperatures could mean something is wrong with an HVAC system. Issues with fire sprinkler systems, however, usually aren’t as obvious, but they are without a doubt the most critical.

Impediments to fire sprinkler systems include corrosion, painted or obstructed sprinkler heads, and frozen pipes. While some of these issues are worse than others, they all impact a fire sprinkler system’s effectiveness with varying degrees of severity. 

A compromised fire sprinkler system can cause numerous issues, including:

  • Loss in revenue due to temporary or long-term business shut-down;
  • Full or partial loss of investment;
  • Property insurance issues since the system was not properly maintained;
  • Total replacement of sprinkler system; and/or,
  • Premises liability lawsuits.

How Often Does a Fire Sprinkler System Need Inspection?

Inspection, testing and maintenance comes in many forms and can happen at different intervals. Some ITM services can be carried out by the property owner, building managers, or maintenance personnel daily. Other forms of ITM are much more technical and require a trained, licensed and insured contractor and are performed quarterly, annually, or every five years. ITM services are really dependent on the type of property and the fire sprinkler system installed, and can include anything from gauge checks, to flow tests, and even internal inspections.


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