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Mission Statement

“The PenJerDel Chapter of the National Fire Sprinkler Association is a professional organization dedicated to public safety that leads and promotes the sprinkler industry with integrity, education and stakeholder development.”

Who We Are

The PenJerDel Chapter of the NFSA is a group of professionals whose shared interest is advocating for the widespread acceptance and usage of fire sprinklers. Members come from a variety of different fields, from fire services to education and marketing, but they all share a common goal: to save lives and protect property. In accordance with its mission, the PenJerDel chapter is committed to promoting the fire sprinkler industry, protecting the fire sprinkler industry, and strengthening the National Fire Sprinkler Association.

The PenJerDel Chapter works closely with members of local communities, including firefighters, educators, and elected officials, to accomplish this goal.

The Chapter offers several educational events that highlight fire sprinkler effectiveness, including burn trailer demonstrations, side by side burns, grant burns, and training seminars.

Burn Trailer Demonstrations

The burn trailer is perfect for a number of events. The trailer includes a room furnished with a filled trash receptacle and a curtain. This trailer will demonstrate in real time how quickly a fire can spread, and how effective a residential head is at containing or extinguishing a fire. The trailer is capable of numerous demonstrations throughout an event and includes a speaker to educate the audience.

Your department or town can request to use the burn trailer free of charge for your next event. The burn trailer demonstration is ideal for:

  • Fire prevention events
  • School events
  • Town events
  • Training seminars

To request a Burn Trailer Demonstration click here. 

Side by Side Burns

In addition to burn trailer demonstrations, the PenJerDel Chapter also conducts side by side burns. This event includes two fully furnished rooms. These two rooms are made to look as identical as possible, but only one has fire sprinklers equipped. No special combustibles are used in either room. Audiences will not only be able to see just how effective fire sprinklers are, but how quickly flashover can occur without them.

The side by side burn is ideal for larger events. The PenJerDel Chapter provides furnishing for the two rooms, as well as any other additional resources that may be needed.

To request a Free Side by Side Burn, click here.

Fire Safety Grants for Fire Departments

The PenJerDel Chapter of the NFSA offers $1,000 grants to various departments for side by side burns. This grant covers the construction and furnishing of two 8×8 rooms. Each room is similarly furnished and made to look identical to the other. The only exception is that only one room is sprinklered.

This event will show in real time just how quickly a fire can reach flashover and how effective fire sprinklers are in protecting lives and property.

PenJerDel will assist in the construction, furnishing, and removal of the side by side rooms.

Apply Now for Your $1,000 Grant.

Training Seminars

The PenJerDel Chapter is proud to host NFSA-sponsored training events. These training seminars are taught by certified NFSA instructors, and are ideal for CEU hours. Training is conducted in both North Jersey and Philadelphia. These programs include a continental breakfast, lunch, and handouts. All are welcome to attend these events, from fire officials, housing inspectors, and other professionals looking to learn more about fire sprinklers.

For training events click here.

For more information on the PenJerDel Chapter’s mission, or to schedule and event, please feel free to call us at 866-226-6006.

David Kurasz. Executive Director
NJFSAB PenJerDel Chapter