Side-By-Side Burn Grant Application | NJFSAB

NJFSAB Chapter is offering side-by-side grants for interested communities and fire departments wishing to create a side-by-side room demonstration to show the effectiveness of fire sprinklers in a residential setting. A member of the NJFSAB team will be happy to assist your department with information regarding a smooth event and construction of the two units. In addition, we would be happy to assist in person on the day of the event with any questions that your department may have.


Click here for a flyer about the grant program.


  • The side-by-side must be conducted in 2020.
  • A press advisory must be put out advertising the demonstration.
  • Your local elected officials (Mayor/President/Trustee/Aldermen) must be invited.
  • The basic guidelines and directions from the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition (HFSC) must be followed.
  • No combustible fuels or additives are allowed to ignite.
  • Side-By-Side Grant Application Request

    This form is being submitted to apply for a Side-By-Side grant to fund construction of a Side-by-Side demonstration unit.
  • By signing, I agree to abide by the basic requirements listed above.