August 16, 2021

High Heat Areas

The dog days of summer are upon us and everyone has been feeling the heat. With this, people make sure to take extra care of things around the home or the office. Owners will no doubt check to see if the air conditioning is running properly or if the windows are properly sealed to ensure that cool air stays inside the building. Many of us with sprinklers up against sky windows or in attic spaces may be wondering if they are at risk of activating due to heat. Luckily there are a few steps an owner can take that they are safe from an accident.

As a refresher, you can generally tell what temperature a fire sprinkler is set to react at by the color of the glass bulb in the center, also known as the heating element. In a majority of settings you’re most likely to encounter fire sprinklers with red heating elements, which are set to go off at 155 degrees.

However, in order to prevent accidental discharge, contractors take high-heat areas such as heaters, skylights, and unventilated attic spaces into consideration. Contractors will refer to the standard for the system they are installing to see what head is required. For the above-mentioned areas, that usually means installing either an intermediate or high-heat sprinkler head, so you may see a green or blue heating element for fire sprinklers in these areas.

When in doubt, call your contractor!

If you have purchased or are renting a new property and you have questions about your fire sprinkler system, reach out to our experienced contractors today. Our contractors’ experienced inspections teams will ensure that everything is in working order and that your property is protected. Our contractors can make an inspections plan based on the property you have and make recommendations based on what you plan to do with your property. 

For more information, or to get in contact with one of our contractors, contact us today!  

August 16, 2021

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