February 2, 2021

Three Signs You Need to Have Your Fire Sprinkler System Inspected This Winter

With winter here it is now more important than ever to keep up with your fire sprinkler system’s routine maintenance. Winter weather, particularly freezing temperatures, can compromise your system’s functionality in the event of a fire.

Below is a list of three signs that your sprinkler needs to be serviced.

You Are Finding Leaks

Leaks, puddles, and watermarks on a drop ceiling or drywall can signify burst pipes. Like with any other water-based system, fire sprinklers are subject to freezing pipes that will burst and, once they thaw, sprout leaks. In addition to causing water damage such as ruined drywall and mold, leaks reduce the water pressure in a fire sprinkler system, which compromises its effectiveness in the event of a fire.

Your Gauges Are Giving Low Readings

Gauges in fire sprinkler systems indicate the water pressure at critical points and are required at each system riser check valve and alarm check valve. Irregular or lower than usual readings can indicate that  something may be wrong, which can include anything from a faulty gauge to a leak somewhere in the system. In any case, it is best to have a licensed fire sprinkler contractor come and inspect.


Leaks from cold weather can cause corrosion on pipes or fire sprinkler heads.  While corrosion may seem merely an aesthetic issue, it is what happens inside the pipes that can cause trouble; indeed, corrosion can block up pipes or plug up sprinkler heads, severely affecting a system’s performance in the event of a fire. Corrosion is one of the most common ITM issues when it comes to fire sprinklers, but a good contractor can remedy it easily.

Call your Fire Sprinkler Contractor Today to Have Your System Inspected

The winter blues are tough enough as it is; do not leave your property at risk. Our licensed and trained team is here to help you identify, diagnose, and remedy any issues your fire sprinkler system may be having. Additionally, our staff can guide you on changes you may need to make to your system if you are renovating your property or changing your use or occupancy classification.

Don’t let the cold weather compromise your fire sprinkler system. Call us today!

February 2, 2021

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