September 22, 2020

Fire Alarm Strobes: What They are and why They Matter

Many who have had to exit a building due to a fire alarm activation have most likely noticed the strobe lights emanating from different locations near the ceiling. These lights, or strobes as they’re called by fire protection specialists, play an important part in ensuring everyone is alerted and that everyone has a way out. 

Lighting the Way 

In the event of a fire, strobe lighting notifies occupants so they may orient themselves and vacate the area. Strobe lights are paramount in aiding the hearing impaired. With this visual cue, hearing impaired individuals know that the fire alarm system is going off and that they should evacuate quickly. 

When are Strobe Lights Required? 

NFPA 72, NFPA 101, and the American with Disabilities Act highlight where these strobes lights are required. While there are exceptions, most times these lights are often required in common areas, hallways, and areas where an impaired employee or resident is staying. Overall, your fire alarm contractor can advise you on what you need based on your building’s occupancy class and use. 

Reach out to Your Fire Alarm Contractor Today 

A licensed fire alarm contractor knows the codes and standards that apply to your property and can work with you to ensure that your investment is protected and your customers are safe. Reach out to your fire safety provider today to identify your business’s needs and develop a fire protection plan. 


September 22, 2020

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