June 8, 2020

How Often Does a Fire Alarm System Need Inspection?

Like fire sprinkler systems, fire alarms require routine maintenance to ensure they are in working order. Luckily, most fire sprinkler contractors have fire alarm divisions that will install and service fire alarms.

Having a fully functioning fire alarm system in addition to fire sprinklers offers a building owner a maximum level of fire protection. The two systems should be monitored according to NFPA 25 and NFPA 72, which cover the inspections of fire sprinklers and fire alarms, respectively.

Like fire sprinklers, fire alarms have their own schedule of routine maintenance. 

Control panels: control panels must be inspected upon installation and replacement. They must also be inspected annualy.

Sensors: Sensors must be inspected upon installation or when replaced. Inspections are also to occur quarterly or semi-annualy depending on the type of initiating device installed. 

Batteries: Batteries must be inspected upon installation and re-installation. Lead-acid and primary batteries need to be inspected monthly, whereas sealed-acid and nickel-cadmium batteries must be inspected semi-annually.

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June 8, 2020

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