January 16, 2020

20 Years Since the Seton Hall Fire

Twenty years ago a fire occurred in a dorm at Seton Hall University that took the lives of 3 students and injured dozens more.  This event sparked a movement by our industry, firefighters, parents, students and the community to make sprinklers mandatory in all college dormitories.  They are required in New Jersey, but not in all states and the fight continues. Here is a story by NorthJersey.com that looks at this tragic event and what still needs to be done, including making sprinkler requirements stronger, to help keep students safe.  

If you have a subscription to NorthJersey.com you click here to read the article.

If you don’t, click here to read a PDF of the article.

Click here for a News12.com story.

Click here for a NJ.com story about lawmakers reintroducing the Campus Fire Safety Education Act to better educate and protect students from fire and offer funding for fire sprinklers nationwide.

Click here for a story from the Seton Hall Event marking the anniversary.

Click here for Fox5 coverage.

January 16, 2020

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