April 18, 2019

Christ Church Tests Sprinkler System

NFSA Blog:  PenJerDel Philadelphia April 18, 2019

The tragic fire at Notre Dame earlier this week has left many Philadelphians concerned about the level of protection in the buildings in Old City. In the past year alone, there have been numerous fires in Philadelphia’s historic district, leaving many historic buildings destroyed. While buildings from this era were built to last, they are still susceptible to fire, which has led many owners to have them retrofitted with sprinklers.

Christ Church is one such building that is protected from the threat of fire. The building’s sprinkler system, which was designed and installed by NFSA member Oliver Fire Protection and Security, includes a wet, a pre-action, and deluge systems. It was the deluge system that stole the show on Wednesday when it was tested for all to see. The external deluge system, located on the church’s spire, went off successfully, convincing all there that—without a doubt—that this piece of Philadelphia history was protected.

The NFSA PenJerDel Chapter would like to take the time to thank Oliver Fire Protection and Security for conducting the flow test, as well as the Local 692 Sprinkler Fitters for taking a part in the demonstration. Above all else, the chapter would like to thank the leaders at Christ Church for making the decision to protect this invaluable building for future generations.

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April 18, 2019

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