May 14, 2018

Home Fire Sprinkler Day

Saturday, May 19 is National Home Fire Sprinkler Day!

For the first time ever, May 19 is now recognized as Home Fire Sprinkler Day. This national effort is aimed at raising awareness of the life-saving technology that is fire sprinklers. Spearheaded by the National Fire Protection Association and the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition-Canada, this day will aid in breaking down the myths and legislative barriers that hinder the use of fire sprinklers in homes.

With over 2,300 home fire deaths per year, it is imperative to take safety into your own hands. A smoke alarm alone does not provide enough protection for you and your loved ones if a fire breaks out.  See how quickly a fire can spread by watching the video below.

On Saturday, May 19, The New Jersey Fire Sprinkler Advisory Board will host free burn demonstrations and provide fire safety tips from 11 a.m to 4 p.m at the Charter Day Historic Street Fair & Festival, located at the intersection of Finley and Henry Street, Basking Ridge, N.J.   The Burn Trailer consists of a mock room furnished with a filled trash can and curtains. Through a large picture window, guests can see just how quickly fire can spread and the overall effectiveness of fire sprinklers. The demonstration will also include free fire safety education, tips and an interactive discussion.

Click here to take a short quiz and test your knowledge about Home Fire Sprinklers.

The NJFSAB encourages everyone to come out and watch the live Burn Trailer demonstration on Home Fire Sprinkler Day.  If you can’t make this event, but would like to see a demonstration please click here for a calendar of events scheduled from now until November. 

NJFSAB provides free Burn Trailer demonstrations for schools, community events, and fire departments.  The trailer which is roughly 16 feet long by eight feet wide, is mobile enough to travel and operate anywhere within the New Jersey tri-state area.  Last year more than burn demonstration program was a part of 40 events across New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  More than 8,300 people learned about fire safety and witnessed the power of fire sprinklers in action.

Facts about home fire sprinklers

  • Fire sprinkler installation in homes lags behind installation in other properties with lower fire death rates, such as schools, hospitals, and hotels. They lag in part due to myths, confusion, and opposition by some groups.
  • Modern home fire sprinklers are inexpensive to install ($1.35 per sprinklered sq. ft., nationally – NFPA).
  • Fire sprinklers reduce the risk of dying in a home fire by 80% and reduce the risk of property damage by 70% (NFPA).
  • Because the sprinkler responds to the fire automatically and while it is still small, it controls the fire until the fire department arrives, slowing the spread of heat and smoke.
  • Home fire sprinklers give residents more time to escape a fire safely. That prevents injuries and saves lives.
  • The sprinkler controls fire damage and confines it. That protects lives as well as surrounding rooms, limiting property damage.
  • Responding firefighters work in far less dangerous conditions when a home fire is controlled by a fire sprinkler.
  • Fire sprinklers are usually supplied by the household water main. A tank and pump can be used where needed. They can be used in any climate. As with other plumbing, the piping is hidden behind walls and ceilings. Sprinkler covers can be used to conceal sprinklers.
  • Home fire sprinklers operate individually. In a fire, the sprinkler closest to it activates. In the vast majority of home fires just one sprinkler is needed to control the flames.
  • Sprinklers are activated by the high temperature of a fire – typically between 135-165°F. Cooking fumes or signaling smoke alarms cannot activate sprinklers.
  • Home fire sprinklers are designed to flow between 10-25 gallons of water per minute, 10-15 times less water flow than fire department hoses, with far less pressure.

For more facts and myths about fire sprinklers visit or the National Fire Protection Association.

To request a free NJFSAB Burn Trailer demonstration, visit and fill out the Burn Trailer Registration request form.  Or, you can send an email to or call: 1-866-226-6006.


May 14, 2018

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