February 5, 2018

Apply Now for 2018 Fire Safety Grants

New Jersey Fire departments are invited to apply for a special grant from the NJFSAB to help promote fire safety in their communities.

The NJFSAB grants provide up to $1,000 directly to fire departments to help fund the construction of a side-by-side burn demonstration, which shows the effectiveness of fire sprinkler systems.

Applications will be accepted from now until October 1, 2018. 

The side-by-side demonstration features two fully furnished rooms, that are set aflame simultaneously — but only one has a fire sprinkler system.  This illustrates how quickly fires can spread, and the important role fire sprinklers play in effectively dousing fires which saves property and lives.

To view a video of a side-by-side burn visit:

To view photos go to:

Click here to apply today. 

For questions, please call: 1-866-226-6006.

February 5, 2018

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